Water The World

Hello, Friends!

We invite you to WATER THE WORLD! When we are able to complete a water project, vegetables, forestation, flowers, and HOPE all grow. Children and adults thrive. They are able to plant and harvest crops, children can go to school, women have time to truly care for their families and homes instead of walking miles just for the water required.

Please consider helping WATER THE WORLD. 

Check out these resources available to help you share.

We are so grateful to you for all you have done and are doing, God bless you!

Watering the World,

Brenda Mason Young

2022 Clear Blue Day Project

This year for Clear Blue Day, we have selected a special project! 

In Nigeria, our close contact, Phyllis Sortor, is in need of two new boreholes for a large upcoming project this spring. These two boreholes will be in the Imala area - one on a 1,600 acres piece of land given to them for grazing and the second across the Oyo River - both locations with thousands of Fulani residents that do not have clean water. This project is projected to cost in the $16,000-$20,000 range. We began raising funds for this project a couple of months ago for World Water Day, but we did not reach our goal. Will you help us raise enough money to fund this project by July 3rd?

You can click HERE to give now.

Get plugged into Clear Blue Global Water Project.

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