Current Projects

Here, you will find projects that are currently being drilled, along with Clear Blue wells that are waiting to be funded. 

Please consider giving to one of these projects, we cannot fulfill the need without your generosity. 

Current Projects


    Haiti is one of our most desperate countries in need of clean water. Each well in Haiti costs anywhere from $5,000 - $8,000 depending on the location. The wells drilled high in the mountains cost the most. Clear Blue has committed to raising $36,000 for current needy locations all over Haiti. Kevin Kate is currently there working on four new wells. This is a huge challenge!  Please click on the " GIVE" tab at the top of our page and write "Haiti" in the subject line of your donation. Thank you!

  • Nigeria

    We have an urgent need in Nigeria: $5,300 Vicki Reynen and Rev. Odu Nkanang Need a clean water well at the FMC church

  • Philippines

    We are currently beginning two new projects in the Philippines. One well in the Sayao Mountain area and one in the Calapan area. For $6,000 both projects will be completed. We look forward to updating you with photos soon. If you would like to sponsor this project please click on our "Give' tab and donate now.